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Professional defect-location services

Quality Assurance

Product Analysis and Design
Tailored requirement analysis, test plans, RTM, test suites/runs, and test reporting as standard.

Functional Testing
Expert attention to requirement details. Ensuring the highest quality product possible.

Device Testing
Wide Cross Section of OS browsers and devices supported. No matter what device your customer uses, your product will look and feel first rate.

UX Testing
Qualitative user experience testing. If we don't love it, no one else will ;-)

Edge Case Testing
Edge case scenario coverage comes as standard, and Destructive testing is part of the package!


What I do

Here at Test the Product I pride myself on providing a high-quality service to clients, by providing the professional testing your product deserves.

Great service begins with experienced and friendly professionals and ends with solid products and happy stakeholders.

I firmly believe that the best testing processes are built around natural user experience and of out of the box thinking that all end users exhibit.

It's not just about the edge case that nobody has thought of in this scenario. It's about the kind of edge case that you wouldn't dream would happen... but as a tester, I know it could! It is this attention to detail that makes Test the Product a special company to work with.

True QA happens externally!

'Your product is important to you, therefore it is important to me. Testing your software should not be done solely by a corporate giant, nor by the internal development team.

If you want to have a professional QA experience, then you need to think further afield. Test outside the norm, and find those defects that keep you awake at night.'

Scott Lee, founder of Test the Product